Metal Folding chairs

What should You Look for in Metal Folding Chairs?

Metal folding chairs are very useful in many different situations. A set of folding chairs around the house allows you to create additional seating arrangements for a party or some other celebrations. Such chairs can also be used in offices. In order to accommodate large groups of people, folding metal chairs can be used in offices or public buildings. They are an ideal choice for meetings or public gatherings.

There are some basic things which you should keep in mind while buying folding metal chairs. All these things will help you make a better choice.


Construction of the chair is extremely important. You should take into account both design and materials which have been used for construction. It is very important to check the material used. It should be strong and sturdy. The metal should be able to hold a person’s weight for a long period of time without bending. Steel folding chairs can be quite sturdy and strong. They can be used over and over again. They are also durable and last a long time. At the same time, they hardly require any maintenance.

Easy Storage

storing metal folding seats
Along with strength and sturdiness, a metal chair should also be compact once it has been folded, and be easy to store. You can find many cheap steel folding chairs which are easy to tuck away once they have been folded.

They take very little room and therefore, can be easily tucked into a closet or storage cabinet. Most high-quality chairs also fit into a rolling rack. Due to this, it becomes easier to move them from one place to another. This makes it very convenient to fold and unfold them.


Comfort is another important factor you should consider in metal chairs. Padded folding chairs are quite comfortable and affordable. Usually, you can easily find designs in the market with padding on the seat and back of the chair. If you plan to use the chair for several hours at a stretch, this feature is extremely important. In places like churches, meeting or function halls, padding is usually added. Depending on your budget, you can choose to buy a design with sufficient padding. A decent amount of padding will allow a person to avoid any sort of back pains. Padded folding chairs also look better than other metal folding chairs. They enhance the visual appeal of an area too.


Last but not the least, the price of a folding chair is extremely important while making a choice. Usually, you have to pay more for chair sets which are more durable and have some extra cushioning or padding. However, this difference in cost is usually worth it. It is important to understand that buying wholesale can help you cut down costs. You can save a lot of money while buying metal folding chairs wholesale.

In order to find affordable chairs, you should look for local office supply stores, and retailers which sell discount furniture. Some business liquidation sales also offer some excellent options. Usually, chairs picked up at sales and discount furniture shops can save a lot of money, while providing comparable quality. However, buying from the internet is the best option.

Look For Quality Chairs

padded folding chairs greyThese days, you can easily find a lot of different folding chairs in the market. Some of these include basic, triple brace, standard and premium. Most of the premium models of metal chairs have double hinges, back leg stability plugs and waterfall front seat. Some chairs are also available with triple base and double hinges.

They have 18-gauge tubing, cross braces, double contoured back and non-marring glide tips. If you tend to use these chairs in schools or testing centers, buying them with tablet arms will be a better and reliable choice. Such chairs have a laminated or polished writing surface. If we talk about color, black metal folding chairs have always been popular.

A lot of different metal folding chairs for sale are available on the internet these days. They are available in many different designs, shapes and sizes. Moreover, they can be bought at affordable prices. You should always check the measurements before buying these chairs online. Always remember that a simple design looks better. As fashion changes rapidly, an upgradeable metal chair will be your best bet.


Metal Stacking Chairs

The most durable and cost effective variety of stacking chairs are those made from metal.
Stacking chairs are an ideal way of conserving space in the modern home. They are perfect if you entertain a lot but don’t have the room for the number of chairs required to seat all of your guests.

Some may think back to the plastic stacking chairs your high school used in the auditorium during a rally, but today’s stacking chairs are much more ergonomically sound and comfortable for long periods of sitting. They’ve been used, as I said, in schools, but today they find themselves in churches, clubs, restaurants, hotels or anywhere a sizeable crowd will gather for a lengthy period of time. Metal stacking chairs even find use in domestic settings around holidays and everyday use.

Today the stackable chair is much more than that uncomfortable meld of steel and plastic of twenty years ago. More and more stackable chairs are made from solitary sheets of molded plywood and come with cushions and/or upholstered arms, ergonomically designed for comfort while maintaining many years of durability. They still might come with metal legs but these are made of lighter weight materials and can stack without damaging the wood of the seat.

The History Of The Stacking Chair

With the advances of industrialization in the early nineteen hundreds steel and aluminum tubing became an inexpensive way to design furniture. Machinery that could bend this tubing allowed furniture designers an easy way to mass produce their designs while maintaining uniformity.

The greatest achievement was the stacking chair. Right away furniture makers saw the benefits of this space-saving furniture and by the 1940s they were growing in popularity. The Landi chair was one of the first popular models developed by Hans Corey in 1938. The fact that it was made from aluminum made it extremely lightweight and accessible.

Probably the most famous and most imitated design of stackable chair to date is the Arne Jacobson model. It came out shortly after WWII in the 1950s. You’ve seen this design before. It’s the single piece of plywood bent and molded to the form of a seat. It has two thin metal legs fastened in an X pattern on the bottom of the chair that provide a cushion effect when sat upon.

Today the market seems to lean toward banquet stacking chairs or the stacking office chairs you see in hotels and convention halls where weddings are often held. These are usually very inexpensive as they use easily produced materials such as the steel or extruded aluminum tube frames. They come in an assortment of upholstering but many use materials like vinyls or synthetic plastics.

The Advantages Of Stacking Chairs

Probably the single most advantageous aspect of the stacking chair is price. Often they are sold in bulk, as sets. The price, of course, depends on the materials used in the construction of the chair.

For example, vinyl stacking chairs can be as cheap as $30 per chair. These have metal legs and vinyl covered cushions. Think of conference room chairs. Designer aluminum chairs for your home can run up into the $600 range for a set of four, while one made of molded plywood can go for as little as $60 each up to $300 depending on the designer. Regardless of the price of a set of chairs, they are still far cheaper than standard seating.

The Dynamics Of The Stacking Chair Frame

Most commercial stacking chairs have metal frames. It’s an easier selling point for the manufacturer as the chairs can be mass produced and thus sold at a cheaper price. They will last longer than other styles as they can be made so that the legs stack without disturbing the plastics or upholstering of the seats and arms.

This is done by having the legs flare out at the bottom so that when stacked they rest on each other via protective stack bumpers without the touching the seat. The dynamics of this design also allow the chairs to be stacked upwards to a considerable height without falling over.

The Durability Of Metal Stacking Chairs

The fabrics of upholstered stacking chairs are typically given the Martindale Test of durability. In this test an abrasive is used on the fabric in an oscillating figure-eight movement until it wears through. The testing goes on until a noticeable change in the fabric appears. Usually this can go on for hours, sometimes days. The number of rotations is counted as cycles and a fabric that can withstand 20 thousand cycles is labeled “general contract upholstery”. One that can withstand 40 thousand cycles is labeled heavy duty.

Wooden Folding Chairs

No matter the occasion or indeed the reason, but it does seem that when people get together, there are never enough chairs.
It doesn’t matter if it’s a dinner at home, getting away to the mountains or spending time at the lake or the beach; wooden folding chairs are a perfect solution to the seating problem.

Wooden folding chairs are great to have around the house. They are light, handy to carry to the patio or the garden, and set up for garden parties or barbecues. Some designs are meant for lounging in on the patio or by the pool. Simply varnished and unpainted, they make beautiful rustic pieces of furniture in a natural setting. Or they can be painted or upholstered to make unique statement pieces to fit in with your home decor.

Decorate or Re-purpose Wooden Folding Chairs

If you are a little handy with tools, then here are a few exciting DIY projects you can get inspired by to create your own inexpensive custom-designed wood folding chairs. These are also great ideas that can turn drab, retro chairs from the basement of your (or your parents’) home into something wow. Let your imagination run wild and find ways to get creative!

Updating and Recycle Ideas for Your Wooden Folding Chairs

1. Upholster Chairs With Fun Fabrics

wooden folding padded chairsA good way to update a folding chair and make an old boring one as good (if not better) as new is to upholster the seat and/or the back with a fun fabric. Design and home decor brand Anthropologie came up with a lovely Bohemian patchwork-style series of upholstered folding chairs that cost a little below $200.

It is possible to make these for as little as $20 with a few items you may have around the house.

This design works best on chairs with slatted backs but it should not be hard to find a workaround for chairs without slats. You will need some fabric scraps, foam for the seat and some 1 inch foam for the back, some Dacron to cover the foam, hot glue gun, spray adhesive, staples and stapler, some gimp or double welt cord, pliers and scissors.

  • Measure foam for the back of the chair and staple it in place by folding the edges around the top and bottom rungs.
  • Repeat this with the Dacron which you are using as padding.
  • Cut about a 1 or 2 inch piece of foam to fit the seat. Bevel the edges with scissors. Use the spray adhesive to fix the padding to the seat.
  • Again cut some Dacron padding to go over the seat and tuck the ends through the side slats to the chair bottom and staple. You should do this both at the top and below the seat.
  • Next, place the fabric of your choice on the seat and begin smoothing and folding around the edges, stapling in place at brief intervals around the edges. You can cover the staples with trim later. Make sure the staples and folding are even.
  • When it is done, you can use welt cord – hot glue into place as trim along the edges and over the staples. Repeat the process for the back and you are done!

You can use matching fabrics or have fun using mismatched printed fabrics for an eclectic feel. You probably already have some fabric lying around so you can save some money there.

2. Paint Folding Chairs in Ombre or Colors of Your Choice

Painting adds color and life to any old chair, and it can be one of the easiest ways to bring your old chairs back to life or jazz up a new one to suit your decor.

An ombre chair looks great and is easy to recreate on your own without spending hundreds of dollars. Select your color palette, buy some spray paint primer, spray paints of your choice and some spray gloss. You will also need some sandpaper or steel wool that is paint-removal grade.

  • Sand the chair (be sure to wear gloves) and prime in thin, even coats. Make sure to do this outdoors or in a well-ventilated area.
  • Wait about half an hour until it dries (when it’s not sticky anymore) and plan your color coats. It helps to mentally split your chair into three sections vertically.
  • Paint in thin coats with the top coat color. You do not have to bother about a perfectly even line. Ombre allows some water-color like bleeding across colors. However, you should make sure the color heights are more or less even. Do up the rest of the chair in the same way and let dry.
  • That is all there is to it!

3. Folding Chair Nightstands For Indoor Accentwooden folding chair nightstand

Wooden folding chairs make great, inexpensive yet pretty nightstands. You can paint one to suit your bedroom decor or leave it as is.

Drape a crocheted doily on it for a romantic, vintage look and keep a lamp and your current favorite book next to.

Place a jar of flowers and you will have a lovely and lightweight nightstand with character.

4. Accent for Outdoor Weddings and Events

folding chairs with wooden signsFolding chairs make great seating options for outdoor events and weddings.

You can make the seating a little special by having a symbolic typographical accent of an Ampersand or some other appropriate symbol.

Dress them up with fabrics, bows and colorful covers for a special event to add class.

These chairs are inexpensive and versatile, so you can create elegant seating arrangements for large groups of people, and work right in with any theme.

5. Wooden Folding Chair Signboard/Store Menu

wooden chair as chalkboard signFold the chair up, paint a sign on the back of the seat and hang a little planter or storage box from the
spindles like in this image from
If you are thinking of opening up your own little food stall at fairs or even a permanent outdoor stall, use the chair in a similar way as a menu board.
It will have to be large enough to be able to hold your entire menu of course. You can also replace the seat of an old chair with a chalkboard (better still, use a chair that has lost its seat) and turn it into a cool, vintage sidewalk chalkboard.

6. Folding Chair Storage Ideas

storage ideas for wooden folding chairsIf you want to make the best use of space in your home and have a few wooden folding chairs lying around, paint them to fit your decor and simply hang them from pegs like this unique Pinterest pin.
Then pull open the chair and use the seats to store boxes of storage items.

You can put up hangars of clothes from the spindles, if your chair has them. Or perhaps add your own spindles in the workshop and create your own DIY space-saving, inexpensive closet from folding repurposed folding chairs!

Do you have other ideas on how you can update or repurpose your wooden folding chairs?