Chairs Today

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Today, chairs are very much part of the furnishing. They are all around us and indeed, are almost integral to our way of life. What would any household be like without chairs?

They are an essential part of almost every room. Just think about kitchen chairs, dining chairs, patio chairs and even outdoor chairs.

It’s not just in the home, but some kind of seating is almost a prerequisite wherever we go; from our church chairs, to our sporting venues, and of course any theater or restaurant.
Those venues simply could not operate without providing seats.

Common Materials for Chair Construction.

Chairs have evolved with our society into specialized designs for specific purposes and are constructed from a diverse range of components and materials:

Commonly though, the construction materials fall broadly into:

  • Wooden Chairs
  • Metal Chairs
  • Plastic Chairs
  • Leather Chairs
  • Cane Chairs
  • Wicker Chairs

Different Places, Different Chairs.

Different materials lend themselves to different uses. In the home we are more likely to choose wood or metal padded chairs, while in a public venue, it’s more common to see more durable components like plastic.
Restaurants, theaters, and bars place more importance on style, comfort and looks, so any of the forms mentioned above will be used to fit in with the décor and ensure comfort for patrons.

Chair Features and Practicality.

We probably are not at all interested in stacking our kitchen and /or dining chairs, but using chairs that stack, can be an important chair feature for entertainment venues and also for place like churches, meeting rooms and some outdoor venues. Being able to stack our patio or outdoor seats can be a design criteria, much like the folding chair common in so many backyards or for emergency additional seating.

Chair Categories.

The contemporary chair has evolved to a very high level of sophistication and targeted usage.

All of us understand now what each of the following terms associated with chairs and seating means:

Kitchen Chairs: Of course, found in the kitchen and designed to complement the rest of the furnishing, but at the same time providing a level of comfort and some amount of resistance to spills and wear.

Folding Chairs: normally taken to mean a chair or chairs capable of being folded to allow for ease of storage or transport.

Accent Chair: A furnishing piece usually found in the living room, to provide a design highlight. Mostly used a single focus point by decorators in contrast to the other adjacent seating.

Dining Room Chairs: Normally regarded as a more formal and elegant piece. Looks and style are paramount.

Office Chairs: While adaptability and practicality are considerations for office or workplace chairs, comfort and durability are also important criteria. Employee comfort and wellbeing will be a factor when choosing office furniture and ergonomic chairs are most commonly found in this category.

Stacking Chairs: To provide seating for larger groups, stack seating provides a great option. They decrease the amount of storage space required and also allow for much more efficient transport. Designers are constantly striving to come up with new ideas for stackable chairs.

Computer  Chairs: So much time is spent in front of the computer, that special designs have evolved for use with computers, both in the home and the office. The main design criteria for computer chairs is comfort and back support.

padded church chairs pinkChurch Chairs: Churches are fast replacing the uncomfortable straight back pews with more comfy individual chairs.

Church chairs usually have padded seats, but many also incorporate stacking ability for obvious reasons. Further, it’s common to see pockets or storage spaces in the back of sanctuary chairs. Designs, colors and styles are endless.


Chairs Summary

Chairs have evolved into a design and art form all of their own. The  chances are that wherever you go you will be asked to “take a seat”. The chances are that you could possibly sit on many different chairs in a day!
Thanks to the humble chair and its evolution, our comfort is well looked after!